On The Move

I just wanted to post something quick to inform those who follow Brave Decisions regularly that I will now be writing over at ESPN SweetSpot Network’s Capitol Avenue Club. Ben Duronio reached out to me and asked if I would be interested in taking a writing position. Without hesitation, I accepted.

I have always been a huge fan of the great work published over at CAC. I first stumbled across the site back in September of 2010. My playing career had come to an end during that summer, but I wanted to find another way to stay in touch with the game I loved. I am currently going to school for business & finance, so the combination of evaluating, decision-making and baseball was right in my wheelhouse. I immediately became hooked and was overwhelmed by the quality of writing and work founder Peter Hjort put into the site. It introduced me to the world of advanced metrics that allowed me to look at the game in a way I never had before. Since then, the past and present writers have continued in his footsteps to bring high quality Braves analysis.

Thanks in large part to CAC, I’ve been addicted to sabermetrics and have slowly educated myself during the past couple years. I made it a goal to learn something new and further educate everyday. That has slowly snowballed into what has probably become closer to an addiction. I dedicated myself to further understanding the game and different ways of evaluating players and teams. My decision to start Brave Decisions in April was intended to be a way to express my ideas that had been constantly running through my head about the team I had loved all my life. The past seven months have been awesome. I’ve met many new fans and stat heads through this site and Twitter that have led to many insightful discussions.

So in my transition to CAC, I would like to thank all those who have came to the site, and would encourage all of you to continue to follow me over there. It is an honor to join the current staff of writers (Ben Duronio, Ethan Purser, David Lee and Franklin Rabon) who I believe provide the most intelligent Braves analysis around.

Ok, back to work.

*I will most likely be changing my twitter handle, but you will still be able to follow me on Twitter right here.


2 Comments on “On The Move”

  1. Charlie says:

    Congrats on the, uh, promotion? The guys over at CAC do great work covering the Braves. I think you’ll fit right in with the rest of ’em.

  2. Andrew says:

    I’ve enjoyed reading your work here, and I’ll keep up with you at your new digs. Congrats, and best of luck.

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