Braves Acquire SS Paul Janish From Reds

As Mark Bowman first reported, the Braves have acquired SS Paul Janish from the Cincinnati Reds in exchange for RHP Todd Redmond.

Janish has been up and down in the Reds organization since the 2008 season. He has not played a big league game in 2012, but has a .237/.322/.391 with a 103 wRC+ in Triple-A. His career big league numbers are much bleaker, .221/.289/.302 with a 57 wRC+. Any move the Braves made would likely be for a defense first shortstop. Janish would qualify as an above average/very solid defensive shortstop, but likely won’t provide much value at the plate. Kevin McAplin of the Braves Radio Network sent out this tweet.

“Wren (on Janish): “we had a list of 3 or 4 guys that we were inquiring about, but he was our number 1 guy for sure” #Braves

Redmond, 27, has been stuck in Triple-A for four years, but has pitched well enough to deserve a shot in a MLB rotation. Unfortunately with the Braves pitching depth, he does not seem to be in the mix anytime soon. In those four seasons, he has a 3.87 ERA and a 2.93 K/BB ratio.

Overall, I am fine with the trade. The Braves were in desperate need of a shortstop, this should fill that need until the beginning of September when Simmons returns. Janish will probably be a replacement level player, which is all the Braves need right now. If this was the top target on the Braves list, well, I’m glad they got their man.

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2 Comments on “Braves Acquire SS Paul Janish From Reds”

  1. JNick says:

    I can’t really complain about this – he’s probably an upgrade over Wilson – curious what they’ll do when Simba comes off the DL – will they send Janish to AAA for the rest of the season or release Wilson?
    One thing I didn’t see on the AJC story – does Janish play 3B and 2B as well? OF?

    • Andrew Sisson says:

      Simmons likely won’t be back until the beginning of September. Rosters expand from 25 to 40 on September 1, so that shouldn’t be an issue.

      Janish games played break down… SS – 283, 3B – 21, 2B – 12. No outfield.

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