Braves Option Medlen To Minors, Prepares To Start

A fairly large decision was made by the Braves today, who optioned Kris Medlen to Triple-A. The plan is to get Medlen around three starts and lengthen him out to become a starter in Atlanta. The the previous post, I hinted in the updated that Medlen would be the most likely replacement, and my personal choice, if the Braves decided to go this route.

Right now it looks as if Minor will be the pitcher replaced once Medlen is ready. This could change if Delgado struggles and Minor begins to turn things around. There is also a possibility, very unlikely though, Medlen struggles in his Triple-A starts and leaves the Braves with a full-on mess on their hands. For now, I guess I don’t really have a problem with this move. I plan on writing a larger piece soon breaking down how this years philosophy and decision-making may be different compared to other years.

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2 Comments on “Braves Option Medlen To Minors, Prepares To Start”

  1. JNick says:

    Happened faster than I expected. I am surprised they called up Constanza instead of someone like Gearrin or Varvaro.

    Also…just something I noticed as I was looking at the Braves’ roster – why is Vizcaino still on the 15 day DL? Shouldn’t he have been moved to the 60 day DL, to free up a roster spot? Would allow the Braves to put Flande or even Carlyle.

    And what happened to Robert Fish? He was put on the DL back in March…but can’t find anything other than “elbow tendonitis” as his status. Weird.

    • Andrew Sisson says:

      It should just be a temporary thing. Things should get sorted out with in the next week or so, Chipper will come off the DL, Boscan will go back down, Constanza will go back down, and they will call up another reliever (Gearrin?). Moylan has also begun throwing bullpen sessions.

      Good question, a team can’t place anyone on the 60-day DL unless all of their 40-man roster spots are filled. I believe the Braves have three spots open right now.

      And yeah, I’m guessing Fish’s elbow hasn’t progressed and they are just keeping him on the DL. I think if he were going to get TJ he would have had it by now.

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