Braves Trade Infielder Drew Sutton To Pirates

In a minor but noteworthy move today, the Braves traded minor league infielder Drew Sutton to the Pittsburgh Pirates for cash (MLB Trade Rumors). Sutton, 28, played in 37 games for the Braves in Triple-A, holding a .267/.373/.363 slash line.

Face value, it’s weird the Braves traded a backup utility infielder with a good OBP. He seemed to be the guy if Wilson or Pastornicky were to go down due to injury and needed to recall a shortstop. Sutton has always had a very good OBP which many teams value, but at 28 with little to no power, he is nothing more than a replacement level, or slightly above average, player in the big leagues.

The move seems to signal the Braves are confident with shortstop Andrelton Simmons progress in Double-A. Also, this gives the Braves extra cash to spend at the deadline if needed. In a similar but not really related note, Keith Law’s latest mock draft (ESPN subscription required) has the Braves selecting high school shortstop Tanner Rahier in the first round. But again, this is more of an interesting side note for everyone that the Braves may be targeting a shortstop in the first round.

The front office had a reason or two for making this move, as all trades do, so that is my interpretation.

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6 Comments on “Braves Trade Infielder Drew Sutton To Pirates”

  1. Gil in Mechanicsville says:

    Just a bit of institutional knowledge to pass along. Organizations normally draft high school shortstops because it requires the most athleticism to play. The feeling is most youngsters eventually grow out of the position as the mature. Lots of high school kids not already throwing in the mid nineties will also combine playing time as a pitcher and another position if they are athletic. The real question is will they also be able to hit.

    • Brave_Decisions says:

      Yes very true, thanks for passing that a long. Very small group of players that can play SS as they go through the ranks compared to other positions.

      • JNick says:

        Chipper, Beachy and Medlen were all SS in HS or college….maybe even more….Hudson? I know he was an awesome hitter in college. IIRC, Andrelton Simmons throws a 98mph heater, and most teams wanted to sign him as a pitcher – but he was raw. Braves were one of the only teams who wanted to keep him at SS.

  2. Just read that Sutton was traded the next day following this purchase to the Rays. Wierd how that works..

    • JNick says:

      •The Braves signed infielder Lance Zawadzki to a minor league contract, according to the transactions page at The 26-year-old switch-hitter has big league experience with the 2010 Padres and had spent the early part of the 2012 season with the Dodgers’ Triple-A affiliate. Zawadzki owns a .259/.332/.394 batting line in parts of six minor league seasons.

      Now that’s even more weird…

      • Andrew Sisson says:

        Yeah, Sutton was traded to the Rays the next day. I believe he was called up and hit cleanup too, if i’m not mistaken.

        Nick, yeah thanks for posting that. Really strange.

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