Chipper Activated From DL

Chipper Jones was officially activated today from the 15-day DL as expected. Tonight will officially begin his final regular season with the Atlanta Braves. As predicted, Jose Constanza was optioned to AAA Gwinnett. The front office didn’t try to be tricky with this one, they got it right.

Tonight’s lineup should look something like:

Bourn CF, Prado LF, Jones 3B, McCann C, Uggla 2B, Freeman 1B, Heyward RF, Pastornicky SS, Hanson P

This is the lineup we envisioned all off-season and should finally get to see in action tonight. Chipper is still capable of hitting 3rd. His .275/.344/.470 (119 wRC+) slash line from last year was impressive for a post steroid era 39-year-old. 2011 was actually the lowest OBP of his career, but still wound up being third best on the team. One of his biggest reasons he has been able to keep such a high OBP, is his great eye at the plate. While his BB% has decreased the past few seasons, he still owns career 1.07 BB/K ratio (anything above 1 is excellent). Hitting at the top of the lineup will give the big boys behind him more opportunities to drive in runs. Even after another injury riddled season, he proved he can produce when healthy.

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UPDATE (4:00pm): The lineup was announced and only difference was switching Chipper and Freeman. That’s fine, Freeman was one of the two Braves who had a higher OBP last season. He has also seen live MLB pitching the past 4 games. Maybe would have gone McCann, Uggla, Freeman, Chipper (then Heyward). If a lefty came in late, it would then be alternating L/R down the entire order. But no matter what, Chipper’s back!


One Comment on “Chipper Activated From DL”

  1. rally the caps...not tip the caps!!!! says:

    Why do we even try anymore…I didn’t see Chipper try, but laugh it out in the dugout to motivate players after committing a whoppin four errors. (Thats not leadership) Give it up already….the fork has been put in this roster for some time. Uggla swinging for the fences when no one was on produced a pop to the outfield pleazzzzzeee someone save us from the 80’s!!!!!!

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